Thomas Merewood


Full name: Thomas Merewood
Aliases: King Thomas I of Ethior, Thomas Tyrranus
Race: Human

Decades ago, Thomas was merely the baron of the land of Hector, a city often described as being the center of the world. It’s location places it in easy access to many valuable resources, and is the major trading port for obtaining goods out of Dwarrowholm, the only dwarven city in all of Ethior. Thomas, discontent to simply rule over his small lands, had larger goals in mind.

Using a dangerous combination of his undeniable charisma, brilliant mind, and near unlimited resources, Thomas set about on his “noble” goal of uniting all of Ethior under one banner: his. Firstly, he gained allies of the dwarves through the promise of exclusive trading rights and high tariffs paid on competitor’s goods. The dwarves built for him machines of war, of which only terrifying stories are told. Few who saw these devices in action lived to tell the tale, and those who do tell wildly contradicting tales of bizarre clockwork monsters, golems, siege engines, and other weapons of maddening strangeness.

These weapons were added to Thomas’s already large and well-trained army, ensuring his victory over the world. After swiftly conquering many lands, including Nardil, Garren’s Wall, and Tangia, others soon fell into line. Winterhaven joined willingly, fearing the destruction Thomas’s army would cause. The land of Dorien attempted to fight, but a coup within their ranks by a supporter of Thomas’s ensured their compliance.

With the human kingdoms in line, and the dwarves as his willing allies, Thomas turned his attention to the elven kingdom of Sylvasia. Using ancient magics, they warped the stone and wood that the dwarven machines were built of. Using skill honed from centuries of warfare, they turned back his army. Using stealth and guile, they harassed his retreating forces. Defeated, Thomas returned to Hector, temporarily sated in his bloodlust.

But he harbors a deep hatred of the elves now. He sits on his obsidian throne, in the great palace of Morough Dun, plotting the destruction of their sylvan kingdom. If Murali Firebough will not bow at his feet, then the entire forest will burn. He waits only for the right opportunity. For the moment to strike.

Thomas Merewood

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