The Summer Queen


The Summer Queen is one of the four enigmatic Fey Lords, her domain being that of the season of summer, the element of fire, and the ideals of growth and harmony. She, like all of her kin, is unpredictable and alien in her motivations and desires. She has many homes, one of which resides in the Verdancy, a stretch of wild green forests in the Feywild, corresponding to the location of Red Leaf Weald in the material plane.

She has garnered a few worshipers among the mortal races, though rarely does she actually respond to them in any way. She encourages growth and warmth, and demands that her followers show compassion and love for all beings, lest they fall under the cold sway of winter.

The Summer Queen’s court is home to many strange and powerful beings, and she considers them all her children. Including amongst their number are Ultong, Myco the Mushroom King, and Fire Belly.

Traditionally, the mortals of the world hold a celebration in her honor on the Feast of Midsummer. It is a time for celebration and joy, and reveling in the company of friends and loved ones.

The Summer Queen

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