Hhana Backstory

Hhana Satur died a noble death while battling an ancient dragon. It was neither her first nor her last journey into the bodiless dreaming. She wandered the spirit realm for a full decade, recalling the places and people from her innumerable former lives. She did as much good for the living souls of the world as she could manage without a physical form. The only thing she truly missed was her ageless companion, Rola Satumon, a deva whose will so flawlessly matched her own.

They were last reincarnated in a twinning, whereby they regained their earthly shapes at the same time and place. They were tended well by the primal spirits that maintained the sacred space. Together they explored the physical realm, working always for the benefit of peace. They faced uncounted perils side-by-side until being cast into the Wheel of Rebirth once more. While Hhana wandered in the dreaming, her life-mate still roamed the “hard-world” as she was fond of calling it.

Rola eventually found her life less fulfilling and wished to return to the dreaming to gain perspective on her bond with Hhana. She did this by calling on the spirt of Hhana in a 3-day ritual. Once she had established contact, Rola and Hhana made a pact to switch places. Rola would “drop the body,” an act of forced death through will power alone, and Hhana would take it on as her new form. Rola vowed to wait in the ethereal space-between until Hhana died and they could be reunited in a new bonded incarnation, a re-twinning.

Rola blessed her own body in the fashion of the Raven Queen and Hhana was born into it anew. She set out to rediscover the world around her, carrying the form of Rola and her own fierce spirit inside.

Hhana Backstory

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