Snowflake Mountains

A mountain range deep in the Feywild (corresponding to the Ashmount Range in the material plane), this area serves as the seat of The Winter King’s power in this area. Though he himself rarely visits, he keeps one of his most prized possessions here: Cryglacies, the Perfect Snowflake. It is an ancient artifact of power, and the entire mountain range is an elaborate defense system to protect it.

The wide tundra (corresponding to the Fangfen Marsh in Ethior) down on the plains serves as a deterrent to all but the most determined travellers, and the Yeti that hunts those plains drives that point home. Then, a large number of ice goblin villages lie nestled in the only entrance to the valley in which the snowflake is housed. To reach the snowflake’s cave, after getting past the goblins, one must then pass through the Fang Woods.

The Fang Woods are the home of White Howl, the god-king of all White Wolves, who is himself one of the children of the Winter King. Once White Howl has been passed, there is still the cave itself. Guarded by the Sisters of the Spire, they are prepared to die in it’s defense. The cave is actually a long underground river, whose icy chill is enough to sap the life of any foolish enough to fall in.

Finally, in the heart of the Snowflake Mountains, lies Cryglacies itself. Manifesting itself as a giant stone golem, Cryglacies will do whatever it must to defend itself from the threats of intruders.

Snowflake Mountains

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