Nardil is a barony in the most northwestern region of Ethior as well as the name of its capital city. Its people are distantly related to those of its southern neighbor Dorien but lack their cousins’ resources and population.

Geography & Population

The barony is bordered by Talu’s Haunt in the west, the highlands of the Steamrock mountains in the north, and the plains of Siv’nare to the east, although few of its people have settled beyond Clay Lake due to the harsh soil.

Its capital is Nardil which is the last port on the Great River Arda before it reaches into the Steamrocks. The city is well fortified with access only from the river. In design and construction, though not in size, the city of Nardil resembles the capital of Dorien. Through the river port, Nardil has been able to trade with the dwarves of the mountains and act as a middleman for all of western Ethior. Although profitable, this has led to resentment among some of the other regions.

Tuluford is only Nardil’s only other city. It lies south of the road from Nardil to Dorien and acts as a gatehouse for the rest of the barony. It is a small city and is walled on its western edge by the dark wood of the Haunt, through which few travel in small numbers. Because of this, traffic has always been heavier on the river.



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