Murali Firebough


The King of Sylvasia has grown bitter and angry with age. The death of his wife, Liandra, followed closely by the death of his eldest son, Alistar, led to him becoming more introverted and less active over the years. Only the encroachment of warring armies has spurred him to action, and the action has been violent and rash.

Murali’s children, Malia, Tialor, and Liandra are all worried about his mental health. But he has greater concerns than that right now.

After barely repelling the armies of Hector, under the command of the brutal Thomas Tyrannus, he thought he had gained some respite from invaders. But now Sulveras sends his armies of dragonkin out of Blackstone against the elves, and many fear that Murali has lost all hope. Few outside the royal court know that the King is barely involved in the war at all, leaving it’s runnings to his generals and advisors.

The King fears that if the black dragon fails, the tyrant of the north will finish the job. He no longer fights what he believes his destiny. Instead, he hides in his home, waiting for his seemingly inevitable death.

Or rather, he did. He has recently been re-united with his lost granddaughter, Yvonne, and been brought to his senses by an encounter with a group of brave heroes. Inspired to keep fighting, King Firebough is now ready to defend his home to his last breath.

Murali Firebough

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