Heroic Tier Story Arc 2

The Curse Revealed

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Our heroes arrive at Triala, where they learn of the shape of the war, and fall under a shadow greater than they know.

The heroes reach Triala, one of the elven cities where the war effort is being organized. There they are met by a number of high-ranking elves, including Prince Tialor and Tobian Wintergreen. Apparently, Sulveras has made some allies among the gnolls to the east, and they need the heroes to deal with this threat while the elves focus their attention on the armies from the south.

The heroes began tracking the gnolls into the foothills of the Dark Reach Mountains, defeating many of their hunting parties along the way. Along the way, however, two of their number, Lobo and Nadune, fall under the effect of a strange curse.

Hoping to end this quickly, they assault the gnoll stronghold. Not surprisingly, the dragonborn are there as well, and spur on the unwilling gnoll leader, Tralgor the Shamed. The old shaman advances on the heroes reluctantly, but changes his mind when his jailers are defeated. He reveals that he, too, is under the same curse, and the black dragon is using it to control him, assuring the alliance of the gnolls under his sway.

He tells the heroes that there may be a cure, deep in the Feywild. But he refuses to see it through, overcome with shame and guilt. He begs the heroes to end him mercifully so that the gnolls may be free, and dies at Ghorash’s blade.

Using the information the shaman had collected, Amelia opens a door to the Feywild. They step through, ready for whatever may come…

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Heroic Tier Story Arc 2

Dragons of Ethior Maclimes