Heroic Tier Story Arc 1

Winterhaven’s Bane

In this adventure, the heroes arrive at Winterhaven, and join forces to fight their common foe. A tribe of nearby kobolds is harassing the village, and there are rumors of a dark cult spreading from the old keep.
Note: This was originally based on the “Keep on the Shadowfell” module, but was changed in many ways to reflect my campaign world. Winterhaven has now become an important part of the setting.

A gang of kobolds, led by Irontooth, is causing major problems in the area of Winterhaven. The heroes are hired by Lord Pendraig to stop this, and stop it they do. They stomp Irontooth and his kobold minions into the ground, but not before discovering a link to a mysterious figure named Kalarel. They are then hired by Silias the Sage to map out the old Shadowfell Keep, and return any old books or useless artifacts they may find.

Investigating the keep, they discover a gang of goblins forced to help Kalarel with his dark deeds. After rescuing several goblins from the dank maze of an ooze, many of the diminutive monsters take a different look at the heroes. In particular, Grish convinces his brothers to help Amelia and her friends. Eventually, they are brought to Bagron, the leader of the goblins here. He is less impressed, and determined to help Kalarel. Begrudgingly, however, he agrees to allow the heroes to leave the keep alive as payment for rescuing his soldiers.

Back at Winterhaven, the heroes are attacked by an army of the undead, being led by Ninaran, the elf who had been so curious about their activities earlier! It turns out she was a spy for Kalarel, keeping the heroes at bay. After defeating her, they return to the keep.

Much to their surprise, they discover a goblin revolt! Grish has led his goblins against Kalarel, Bagron, and the rest of the keep. Though they would have been defeated, the heroes join the fight, and are able to get through to Kalarel’s inner chamber. After a grueling fight in front of a dark portal, Kalarel, a servant of Sulveras, is dragged kicking and screaming into the evil portal he had created by oily black tentacles.

The threat ended, the heroes return to receive their rewards from Silias and Pendraig. They are met by an elven messenger, who asks them to make haste for Sylvasia. Apparently, the armies of the black dragon are marching…

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Heroic Tier Story Arc 1

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