Race: Goblin

As one of Bagron’s lieutenants, Grish’s job was to help keep Shadowfell Keep safe from intruders. But the only intruders, a band of heroes, saved his life from a merciless ooze. He pledged to become a better person, and turned his back on his evil ways. Swayed by the words of Amelia, he has become enamored with these heroes.

He led a revolt against Bagron and Kalarel, helping stop their operation. Though ultimately forced to retreat before the final battle, the help of his forces is what allowed the heroes to reach Kalarel and defeat him.

He has taken the few surviving goblins and led them into the hills to the west, where they have established a new village. Grish is happy with his new post of Chieftan, but how long can peace last for such a creature…


Dragons of Ethior Maclimes