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  • Amelia Backstory

    [[Red Leaf Weald]] is a forest located several miles to the southeast of the small human town of [[Winterhaven]]. In this forest is the elven settlement of [[Sylvasia]], the capital of the local elves. Though numbering only around 500, the elves have …

  • Ghorash Backstory

    As told by [[Ghorash]]:

    The virtues of our culture were instilled in me as a young child: honor, nobility, loyalty. While our territory may be a small shadow of its former self, it is adequate for our needs. “We serve as masters of the art of …

  • Lobo Backstory

    "The Birth of [[Lobo]] Lonewolf"

    I woke in the late afternoon, eagerly anticipating the evening hunt. I was disappointed to find that the other hunters weren't gathered at the forest edge. The chatter of the pack indicated that the elders …

  • Hhana Backstory

    [[Hhana|Hhana Satur]] died a noble death while battling an ancient dragon. It was neither her first nor her last journey into the bodiless dreaming. She wandered the spirit realm for a full decade, recalling the places and people from her innumerable …

  • Nadune Backstory

    [[Nadune]] of Caer Dorien was born into both privilege and poverty. Since the fall of the Nethar Empire the many regions surrounding the land of [[Dorien]], called [[Ethior]], have been in turmoil. Local warlords, petty nobles and little kings vied for …

  • Yvonne Backstory

    [[Yvonne]]'s true origins, and even her true name, are unknown even to her.

    Her memories are hazy, but it appears that when she was barely old enough to walk, her parents were taking her somewhere in a carriage. The carriage was attacked by …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 3

    h3. *The Cry of the Yeti*
    *Previous Adventure:* [[Heroic Tier Story Arc 2|The Curse Revealed]]

    Our heroes travel to the Feywild, where the [[The Summer Queen|Summer Queen]] gives them instructions on how she can help break the curse …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 2

    h3. *The Curse Revealed*
    *Previous Adventure:* [[Heroic Tier Story Arc 1|Winterhaven's Bane]]

    Our heroes arrive at [[Triala]], where they learn of the shape of the war, and fall under a shadow greater than they know.

    * …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 1

    h3. *Winterhaven's Bane*
    In this adventure, the heroes arrive at [[Winterhaven]], and join forces to fight their common foe. A tribe of nearby kobolds is harassing the village, and there are rumors of a dark cult spreading from the old keep.< …

  • The Meeting of Ipe and Lupis

    [[Ipe Sarina]] was a proud hunter, and a priestess of her people, the razorclaw of [[Talonheart Village|Talonheart]]. One day while she was hunting in the southern reaches of the [[Netherwood]], preparing for the feast of the Summer Solstice, she came …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 4

    h3. *Shadows in the Dark*
    *Previous Adventure:* [[Heroic Tier Story Arc 3|The Cry of the Yeti]]

    On their way home, the heroes are transported by some unknown magic to the Shadowfell, realm of the undead. Now they must find their …

  • Meorgas Prophecies

    _These are the prophecies of the blind witch, [[Meorga]], as told to the heroes of the campaign._

    *First Prophecy:*

    I see a [[Murali Firebough|tall tree with burning branches]], its roots buried deep where it stands. The flaming tree …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 5

    h3. *Ash and Blood*
    *Previous Adventure:* [[Heroic Tier Story Arc 4|Shadows in the Dark]]

    The heroes, finally home, have a long fight ahead of them as various servants of Sulveras attempt to halt their unstoppable march towards the …

  • A Military Timeline of The Black Scale Wars

    _An excerpt from the journal of [[Silias]], sage and historian_
    _(Clicking on the date will show a map of troop movements and territories on that date)_

    This is the accounting of the war that is now known as the Black Scale Wars. Though …

  • Heroic Tier Story Arc 6

    h3. *Tipping the Scales*
    *Previous Adventure:* [[Heroic Tier Story Arc 5|Ash and Blood]]

    Joining the elven army, the heroes make their way into Fangfen marsh, determined to end Sulveras's reign of terror forever

    *Summary …

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