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  • Niveus

    *Race:* Eladrin Niveus is an enigmatic witch who lives in the [[Snowflake Mountains]], near the edge of the Fang Forest. Her goals and motivations are unknown, but it is clear she cares deeply for her adopted daughter, [[Yvonne]].

  • Meorga

    Meorga is an ancient witch living in the [[Blackmoon Woods]] deep in the Shadowfell. Though dead for well over 200 years, she continues her scrying, always gathering more information. Nothing is known of her past, but much does she know of everyone else's …

  • Palies

    Palies is an eladrin monk, dedicated to the protection of his homeland of [[Whispering Willows]]. He escourts [[Meriele]] on her way to join up with the heroes dedicated to eradicating the evil dragon [[Sulveras]]. Convinced she is now safe in their …

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